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"Our People Make The Difference"

Our Team

Our experienced team consists of skilled trade journeyman, estimators, project managers, and support staff who work together to ensure every project is completed on time, within budget, and to the highest standard. We provide exceptional service and building long-lasting relationships with our partner General Contractors, Developers, & Construction Managers. 


All of our Estimators PM's started their carriers in the field. Working their way up the ladder from apprentice, foreman, to estimator. This allows our team to properly bid work and bring value to project teams by being ready available to address and solve all areas of concern that arise during construction. 

Our estimators dual as project managers on all our projects. This ensures that nothing is lost or miscommunicated during a project transition from pre-construction budgets to the build-out. You will work with the same Estimator PM from the preliminary pricing phase to the final punch walk.


Pacific Rim is a family business founded in 1990. We build quality client relationships with our experienced team members. 

Drywall & Framing Division Carpenters Union Signatory 

Shaun Wegener Sr. Drywall Estimator PM

Justin Tyner Sr. Drywall Estimator PM

Ray Escamilla  Sr. Drywall Estimator PM

Corie Littlejohn  Drywall Superintendent

Paint & Wallpaper Division

Aaron Tyner Sr. Paint Estimator PM

Tomas Guerrero​ Sr. Paint Estimator PM

Pablo Valdin Paint Project Coordinator 

Jose Ibarra  Paint Superintendent

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